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King's Shop 1972

King's Shop opened in the ski resort, Cortina d'ampezzo, in 1972. This luxury store was the destination for the international jet setter.

Kings Shop Team by Oliviero Toscani 1.jpeg
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In 1973 Adriano started his own production.


Daily Blue 1974

Daily Blue was a revolutionary project, that brought fashion into denim. This was an opportunity to onboard denim into the luxury market, and the introduction of designer jeans. The concept for premium denim was born. The global success took Adriano to become a denim leader. 

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Genius Group 1981

After the success of Daily Blue, Adriano established the Genious Group 1981 in Asolo Italy. The collective gave opportunity to designers to focus on creativity while offering them resources to launch and sustain their brands, from infrastructure and production, to marketing and sales. Genius Group was home to many successful brands including Replay, Goldie, Diesel, Bo-Bo Kaminsky, and many more. Bringing talents  and helping them to give birth to their projects was Adriano's main job. 

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Adriano e Franca Sozzani.png

Franca Sozzani and Adriano in 1983

Franca Sozzani, legendary director of Vogue Italia. In all the years to come, she was the inspiration and mentor to Adriano. She continues to live in his work. 

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AGOLDE started ahead of its time with brand message clearly fo of sustainability and the use of Tencel.  AGOLDE is part of the Citizen family. 

AG 1994

After Genius Group, Adriano began to work on his first brand, AG. In 2000 AG came to America, where it emerged as a leading brand in premium denim.

AG ad.png
gao 1969 2.jpg

1969 1998


Shortly before launching his brand AG, Adriano created 1969 for the Gap. 

Goldsign 2005

Goldsign details.png


Established in 2005, Goldsign became Adriano's new focus; creating a luxury brand that can bring a whole new level of premium denim to the market.

Goldsign super stretch.png

Citizen of Humanity 2007

Goldsign merged to Citizen of Humanity In 2007, and Adriano became a partner. It was there that he became VP of product development.

Photo courtesy of Denim Blog

Genious Group 2007- Present

The design studio is based in the arts district of LA. To date, Genious Group has worked with a wide portfolio of clients including but not limited to,  Chloé, Tom Ford, Edwin, and Fabrique.

Daily Blue shoot landscape34.jpg

Daily Blue 2023

Adriano pays homage to the first brand he ever created by reintroducing it. Daily Blue will hit the stores in 2023. 

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