Adriano Goldschmied

Mind of a Genious

Adriano Goldschmied, known as the “Godfather of Denim”, showcased his passion and innovation for over 40 years, distinguishing himself from his peers and simultaneously paving the way for designer denim in high fashion. His introduction of denim to the fashion world transformed the function of jeans from work-wear, to being available and appealing to all. Flawlessly integrating his admiration for the vogue with the influence of vintage appreciation, Goldschmied produced new and radical designs. Constantly spearheading ingenious ideas and fearlessly pursuing them, Adriano Goldschmied has created time and again luxurious, comfortable, and desirable collections of denim. 


Adriano Goldschmied hails from the Italian port of Trieste, with the genesis of his denim journey starting in 1971, with the opening of The King Shop in the ski of Cortina, D’Ampezzo. Subsequently, he would launch the brands, King’s of Jeans and Daily Blue. Eight years later, he launched Diesel, where he would mentor Renzo Rosso who would eventually become a partner. In 1980 he formed, “The Genius Group”, a think tank composed of the most artistic and influential minds in the fashion industry. Figures such as Katharine Hamnett, Tony Viramontes, Paul Harvey, David Mantey are a few notables that would produce a variety of successful European brands such as Replay, Bobo Kaminsky, Goldie, Evisu, and Rivet.

In 1993 he began manufacturing his signature line, ‘A Gold E’, in Los Angeles. In the late 90s he also consulted for the GAP, which with him launched the highly successful 1969 line. His subsequent venture, ‘AG Adriano Goldschmied’, founded in Italy in 1996 and relocated to Los Angeles in 2000, won Sportswear International’s Best Women’s Jeans award for 2002 through 2004. Adriano permanently moved to the United States by 1999.

Goldschmied went on to create the luxury denim label GOLDSIGN in 2005, elevating premium denim to new heights. Goldschmied says, “I like to push the envelope because sometimes you don’t know what the limits are until you have passed them.” With Goldsign he was able to bring denim to its highest level of luxury, design, research and innovation. Some of the most memorable creations during this time include the introduction of the super stretch denim, blended fibers, and coated denim.


Today, Goldschmied is a member of The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), an association which includes all of the most influential designers in America. He is constantly pushing boundaries and challenging traditional conventions to propel his work towards innovations. Understanding the many changes and shifts in lifestyle, and looking to bring denim in uncharted territories, Adriano has focused his latest efforts in Asia. Here he is focusing on developing new revolutionary fabrics that create a bridge between the denim world and that of athletic performance. Yet, another example of Goldschmied’s visionary concepts and ability to continuously remodel and reintroduce denim to the world.

The expression of this new innovation is represented in Adrinao’s new venture ACYNETIC , launched in 2016. Once again turning the denim world upside down, Adriano created a product which has all the most desirable qualities of jeans, but as comfortable as leggings. At the heart of this revolution is the fabric he created called Nude Blue. With unparalleled levels of comfort and maximum stretchability on all sides, this is sure to adhere to the dynamic lifestyle of modern women worldwide.